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8 phone GRP2614 Bundle


Popular bundle for $100 less than Amazon.

This bundle includes:

This combination or hardware and ring-u's integrated business class HD VoIP phone services makes this a "better phone system". These phones work together, and when managed by a Hello Hub, auto update displays and configurations as your phone system is used and grows. You will not have to configure each phone beyond putting the phones password (from a sticker on the phone) into the ring-u customer portal. You can also mix other phones and mobile phone apps into your system.

Works together as one cohesive system.

Techs are available and happy to assist.

Answers to common questions:

  • Yes, you can keep your existing phone number!
  • Yes, you can probably use the existing ethernet cabling/RJ45 jacks at your building.
  • No, you don't have to manually tinker with and configure every phone. The Hello Hub does that for you!
  • A "4 line phone" means you can have up to 4 conversations/calls going at that phone. Local and external calls. You don't have to buy 4 lines, nor are you limited to 4 lines of service.
  • Yes, you can set this up by yourself but do not fear: ring-u has great tech support! We will help as much, or as little as you want.
  • Yes, this includes voicemail. It can be retrieved from any phone, and is also transcribed and emailed to you with the recording.
  • Yes, you can have remote phones/workers. Firewall port forwarding rules are required or you can configure this as a "Hybrid Hosted" system.
  • Got more questions? Please call us at 423 456-6700 and/or visit

Installation Checklist:

  • Ensure you have a solid internet service. Latency and consistency is more important than upload/download speeds.
  • Check that you have enough network switch ports and cabling. Remember these phones can share an ethernet cable with a computer, it has a 2 port switch in it.
  • These phones also can operate via WiFi, no need to run a cable to every location!
  • If using WiFi, you will want a good WiFi access point.
  • You will want a high capacity firewall and ethernet switch.

Expected Monthly Costs:

It's hard to give an exact quote, because taxes and regulatory fees vary for every location. If all you need is 2 lines and our standard features your monthly bill will be 59.95 plus taxes and fees of about 5 to 10 dollars, expected: $66 to $70 per month for unlimited USA and Canada calling.

For a BUSY 8 extension system: estimate you have up to 8 incoming and outgoing calls at the same time, and set your system for 6 lines. That puts your monthly base bill at 159.75, your total would be less than $180 per month.