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Bundle: 3 Desk Phones and 1 Receptionist/Executive Phone



Perfect for a growing business: One Hello Hub, 3 desk phones, 1 operator/receptionist/executive phone. 4 extensions total.

This Bundle Includes:
  • 1 Hello Hub smart PBX
  • 3 RU20W HD desk/wall wired or wireless (WiFi) business phone. Not POE
  • 1 RU68W HD wired or wireless (WiFi) operator/executive phone.

Installation Checklist:
  • Ensure you have a solid internet service.
  • Check that you have enough network switch ports and cabling. Remember these phones can share an ethernet cable with a computer, it has a 2 port switch in it.
  • These phones also can operate via WiFi, no need to run a cable to every location!
  • You will want a high capacity firewall and ethernet switch.
  • If using WiFi, you will want a good WiFi access point.

    Expected Monthly Costs:

    It's hard to give an exact quote, because taxes and regulatory fees vary for every location. If all you need is 2 lines and our standard features your monthly bill will be 59.95 plus taxes and fees of about 5 to 10 dollars, expected: $66 to $70 per month for unlimited USA calling.